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"Thank you for your hospitality. Beautiful!"
Kyle and Elizabeth, AK


"Great Style and Class! Absolutely loved it."
Steve and Sharmane, CA


"What an amazing treat... your beautiful home and hospitality have given us an incredible beginning to our Alaskan adventure!"
Josh, Hilary,Zach, Molly, and Azrael, MD


"What a lovely place with delicious food. Thanks!"
John and Marilyn, NE


"Lovely home, friendly couple, delicious breakfast."
Bell and Betty, OK


"So peaceful and cozy. Thanks so much!"
Garry and Sheila, AK

"Excellent food and accommodation."
Dorothy and Marty, MA


"Perfect hosts, lovely stay!"
Sebastian, MT


"Wow! All is great!"
Donnie and Cassie, TX

"We stayed at Highland Glen Lodge our 1st night in Anchorage, then went to Denali, and then came back and stayed in another B&B. Well, afterward, we just kept thinking about our experience at Highland Glen and must say we really enjoyed it the most. It was mid-week and we were the only guests, arrived from a long flight from Florida and were exhausted. We got in the hot tub for awhile, relaxed a bit, and then went to bed. We had a great night's sleep in a comfortable bed, in a lovely clean room, and then woke up refreshed and had a magnificent breakfast. We entered the large, exquisite living, dining room where the table was set for us with Prince Albert fine china, crystal, and silver. We had a lovely fruit salad and scones, great coffee, and then a Belgian waffle and omelet. Wow. But most of all our hosts were very kind, attentive, and absolutely wonderful."
Heartsoultraveller, FL


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